Viral Body Parts Video 4: The Denver Connection

Bob Enyart and Jo Scott discuss Planned Parenthood abortionists Savita Ginde and her harvesting and selling of baby body parts. Bob and Jo discuss last night's strategy session and the local and national goals identified. And prepare yourself for the most horrific video yet,'s exposing of a clinic's callous treatment of an intact, living child, in a two-minute video that shows exactly what Ginde's "intact" living fetus looks like.

* Denver Bible Church Residential Protest of Savita Ginde: (Sometime after this home protest, Ginde quite Planned Parenthood.) Carole Novielli of the saynsumthn blog wrote Protesters greet Planned Parenthood baby parts doc at her home, and included this graphic: 

Abortionist home visit to Savita Ginde's place

* Residential Protest of Savita Ginde's Neighborhood Announced:





















* And Real Science Radio's Contribution: (over 100,000 views) ...