The Devil & The Details

* Picture an 8 Year Old Boy: Now have that picture in your mind forever altered when Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reports on the startling tale of mom’s out clubbing while their 8 year old murders their one year old.

* Your Money or Your Life: Which is something you are more and more likely to hear if you leave your apartment and try to walk to the grocery store in many neighborhoods in the nations’ capitol!

* The Devil & Hidden Lake: While Bob Enyart, Will Duffy & Will Kinney conclude their monumental “King James Only Debate”, listen in for reason number 1007 to keep or get your kids out of the government schools: they might have a pasty heathen art teacher drop the “death card” on them out of a deck of Tarot Cards!

* And He Calls Himself a Doctor: But that’s only because he received his PhD in geosciences from the University of Rhode Island, (a well known hotbed of conservative, young earth creationist thought). Join Marcus Ross at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship this Friday night.