Theology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 1

Rick Perry a BEL Fan: Preceding his speech, Rick Perry first released a video online early Thursday morning, telling voters "we have the power to make our country new again." "We need a president who bridges the partisan divide rather than widen -- who brings people together. We must do right and risk the consequences."

Godly Leaders: Bob presents part one of a four-part series on the biblical qualifications for church leadership.

Today's Resource1 Timothy Bible Study

Find out why Paul writes to his beloved disciple Timothy about violent crime and gross sexual immorality. And glean fascinating truths from God?s qualifications for pastors and elders. For example, what does the Bible teach concerning the drinking of wine? Is it ok for a Christian to have beer and pizza (with pepperoni no less?) And what does the Bible really say about elders and pastors drinking alcohol? Also, learn why God prohibited a church from providing welfare support for a widow under sixty years of age. 

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