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Two post-show comments

Saudi Arabia, the Hajj, and Terrorism: "If Islam opposes terrorism, then Saudi Arabia should announce that no one supportive of ISIS or Al Qaeda is welcome in Mecca to make Hajj." -Bob Enyart,

* The Primary Victims of Islamic Terrorism: "As for the many followers of the Koran being slaughtered daily by Islamic terrorists, the world will have to wait until Barack Obama is out of office before America's might will be used to save these Muslims." -Bob Enyart,

* Today's Program: Bob Enyart announces that Denver Bible Church has just acquired a church property, in the Denver area just two minutes off of I-70 and Kipling! Come visit us sometime, or even this Sunday, at 4085 Independence Court in Wheat Ridge, Colorado! Bob also talks about ISIS threatening Italy and the sad inability of the Italians to defend themselves.