Theology Thursday: Atheists Overplaying their Hand

Losing Credibility: For years atheists have been making claims that their supposedly clever arguments refute the truth of God and the Bible, even claiming that there is no such thing as truth. On today's Theology Thursday, Pastor Bob Enyart explains how they've been overplaying their hands and how many of those arguments will come back to bite them.

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* BEL vs. The Atheists: And you just might love

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* Horror Show Coming to a Crime Scene Near You: In addition to the photos and video from the Middle East of a ten-year-old Muslim boy beheading a handcuffed man using a small knife, and with a U.S. government that has no conception of what a valid criminal justice system is, closer to home there's also this murder drama preview coming to a crime scence near you:


* Horror Show #2 a la a 2015 Pop in Purse Moment: