Focus on the Family Wants Abortionists to Use Modern Medical Standards

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* Suicide by Cop: Hear Bob and his co-host Doug McBurney discuss the epidemic of crime and the seemingly ever present police shootings (like in Bridgeton NJ, Denver CO, & Muskogee OK) that are being sifted through with a fine tooth comb by those who seek to undermine justice, and a respect for governmental authority.

* Focus on the Family Says: "One of the things that we're trying to do is to further regulate abortion. If the abortion industry wants to be seen as a medical provider, then we want them to have to live up those standards as other providers do." This 25-second clip provides an example from January, 2015 of how the misguided pro-life industry works to improve the image of the abortion industry. In this Focus on the Family report by Kim Trobee we learn of the judgment of Americans United for Life (AUL) and the public relations work being done for Planned Parenthood, unintentionally, by the well-meaning by misdirected Indiana Family Institute:

* At
: A list of twenty bullet items warn that, because they are fundamentally immoral, abortion regulations backfire. This Focus on the Family video report demonstrates more effectively than ARTL has ever done the truth of those warnings. For example, for many years, the first bullet on that list of warnings says this:

- Abortion regulations make abortion seem more acceptable to the public and politicians.

Focus on the Family and their IFI state affiliate gave us a specific example of how regulations merely prune the abortion weed and strengthen its root. So even this very report proves hollow Focus on the Family’s denial of ARTL's warning to them (in full page ads years ago in the Washington Times, Human Events, Birmingham News, Colorado Springs Gazette, etc.) regarding the partial birth abortion fiasco; and the report proves prophetic American Right To Life’s warnings.

* Please Oppose Colorado's Immoral and Counterproductive HB 15-1128: As explained by Colorado Right To Life, let's urge state legislators (in Indiana also) oppose this and all child-killing regulations. For more information, see

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Show UPDATE: Reason #17,648 to pull your kids out of their public school. We won't even describe it, but it has to do with middle schoolers in Wisconsin.