Politics Should Not Trump Morality

* 19 & Counting: …Re-publican candidates for president that is. (And most of them undoubtedly secretly hoping that the Supreme Court tries to push homosexual marriage on the rest of the states, so that, they'll assume, they can't get beyond this homosexuality thing.) Bob and guest host Doug McBurney discuss the one who is most paranoid...

* The Roberts Test: Bob discusses his call to Dan Caplis’ local radio talk show during in which Bob protested Dan’s assertion that not voting for the Re-publican equals voting for Hillary. Bob described Dan's political strategy as an end run around morality. And since Caplis has scrubbed Bob’s call from his archives, the public will have lost this point of clarity when evaluating Dan’s impending reaction to Chief Justice John Roberts’ affirmation of homosexual marriage coming up later this month.

* Bruce Jenner and Megan Kelly: Today about 40 minutes into the O'Reilly Factor, Megan Kelly said of Bruce Jenner, "I give him a lot of credit. I think he is courageous", to O'Reilly's making fun of Jenner saying, "That's a nice dress." O'Reilly then commented, "It's none of your [anyone's] business; if they [transgenders] want to do it, they should be able to do it. This is America, and nobody should comment on it."

* The Haters at CNN: When CNN host Dr. Drew called Josh Duggar a pedophile last week, and the point was made that “pedophiles never change”, he not only failed to properly report the facts, but he exposed the mainstream media's seething hatred for the Duggars.

* Scooping Madow -- Trump Info from 2012 Tax Returns: Now here's a real Trump news story based on IRS filings, and this is from a year before MSNBC's Rachel Maddow went even more nuts that she already was. This, from LifeSiteNews, "Donald Trump donated $30,000 to homosexual activists, including a $20,000 grant to an organization that promoted 'fisting' to middle school students, recommended books excusing homosexual pedophilia, and proclaimed its mission is 'promoting homosexuality' in the public schools to children as early as kindergarten. According to a 990 form filed with the IRS, the Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $20,000 to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in 2012 and another $10,000 to Gay Men's Health Crisis."