Solving Illegal Immigration Now

* 7 Dead, 40 Wounded:No, not in Iraq or Syria, but in Chicago, where Islamic Terror doesn’t even make the top ten on the the list of top threats to the lives, health and safety of the average American.

* Calling Out the “Pro Family Industry”: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney thank the Parents Television Council for condemning the new A&E/FYI network show promoting adultery, but ask why they refuse to mention God, the Bible, right, wrong or objective morality in their alleged fight to preserve the family? Bob & Doug remind the audience that the National Right to Life Committee also refuses to do the same as they continually lose the battle against abortion. Bob and Doug call on the burgeoning “pro-family industry” to eschew the godless tactics of the “pro-life industry” if they really want to win the fight.

* Bob Solves Immigration: Please ask your favorite RE-publican candidate to tune in to the final minute of the broadcast so they can learn how to solve the problem of illegal immigration, (and the bloodshed & murder that results in part because of America’s failed welfare, justice & immigration policies).