Jurassic Dinosaur Soft Tissue DVD from Trey Smith & Bob Enyart

Jurassic dinosaur soft tissue DVD cover* Bob Congratulates YouTube Sensation Trey Smith: on the release of Jurassic: Dinosaurs are Young. All of Them. You can order a copy of that video for yourself, your Sunday School class, and even your kids and grandkids will love it! And right now on YouTube you can hear Trey talking to footprint iconoclast Glen Kuban who smashed the human fossil footprints in the Paluxy River basin outside of Glen Rose, Texas.

* So Please Consider Getting Our New Dinosaur VideoJurassic: Dinosaurs are Young. All of Them. from Trey Smith and Bob Enyart, now available! 

And check out Trey's really fun Jurassic preview video:

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