BEL's Big List of Liberals who Support Pedophiles

Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney condemn the media’s visceral hatred of Christian families, actually, of Christ, which is exposed by the culture’s acceptance and even praise for pedophilia, pedophiles, and pedophile defenders. On CNN Dr. Drew did not object when Joshua Duggar was called a pedophile. Yet actual pedophiles and pedophile defenders get no end of accolades and positive press. For example:

Quentin Tarentino and Natalie Portman on Roman Polanski: Tarentino said, "Look. She was down with it… He didn’t rape a 13-year-old. It was statutory rape, all right? … She wanted to have it." He was later shamed into apologizing and her support for the #MeToo movement, finally and thankfully, brough Portman to apologize for her defense of the confessed, bail-skipping, and repeatedly accused, child rapist.
- Katie Couric, Charlie Rose, and Prince Andrew attended a dinner party at the home of well-know pedophile Jeffrey Epstein two years after his 2008 conviction. (Couric, btw, is as disgusting and sexually crude as Matt Lauer and anyone else in the Hollywood crowd, so she fit in perfectly at dinner.)
- ABC & their Good Morning America, Elle, Village Voice, Vogue, NBC & their Access Hollywood for celebrating, all of them, the highly sexualized 11-year-old boy "Desmond" who as widely reported incuding by National Review has posed with a naked adult drag queen, been videotaped on a couch sniffing the arm of a drag queen who was talking about doing an illegal drug (Ketamine), danced in a gay bar and did a partial striptease for cheering homosexuals and pedophiles throwing dollar bills at him.
- The Academy Awards, et al., for celebrating Polanski, the confessed child rapist, child-porn consuming peodhile director.
- Walt Disney Studios giving a platform to a convicted child molster to direct "Powder", Victor Salva's (essentially autobiographical) film that argues that people (like him) are hated just because they are different. (The main character gets beat up just after a scene at a boys' locker room shower.) With Disney on his resume and still at it 21 years later, molester Salva has gone on to direct his own franchise with his latest film released in 2017 after removing a scene that disgusted even Hollywood film reviewers for its justification, "Can you blame him?" of an adult wanting to have sex with a 13 year old child. Then in 2018 Disney's effort to mainstream a child molester has come home to roost as they fire James Gunn, their billion-dollar Guardians director,  for his earlier "joking" tweets about sex with children, the kinds of things that Salva actually videotaped himself doing.
Amazon sells pro-pedophile book: Paedophilia: The Radical Case- still selling pro-pedophilia books and child sex dolls for pedophiles.
- Alyson Books seller of the popular pro-homosexual books Heather has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate, and Gloria Goes to Gay Pride, is also the  publisher of Pedophilia: The Radical Case which advocates sex with young children.
- Out Magazine including for this.
- All the Michael Jackson defenders and fans include in 2019 Barbra Streisand who said of two of his victims, "It didn't kill them", they were "thrilled to be there", his "sexual needs were his sexuals needs", and he doesn't bear the greater blame for the molestation; and the Hollywood elementary school vote to keep Jackson's name on their auditorium.
Warner Bros. eight years after his conviction invited the well-know pedophile Epstein to mingle with the A-list crowd at their Batman v. Superman NYC premier, escorted by Hollywood and New York City publicist legend Peggy Siegal.
- The Advocate including for this.
- British Academy of Film and Television "Arts" for celebrating Roman Polanski, confessed child rapist, child-porn consuming peodhile director.
- NYC & San Francisco Pride Parades.
- Comedian Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey (himself an accused pedophile), flew multiple legs on a roundtrip to Africa on the "Lolita Express".
- Washington Post journalists who downplay as a "seduction" the rape of a young teenager and call the arrest of the child rapist "outrageous" only because the pervert is a famous liberal.
- New York Native biweekly homosexual newspaper.
- Allen Ginsburg pedophile apologist gets Boulder Colorado's Key to the City.
Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights
- Alyson Press: Paedophila (and their kiddy books)
CNN, New York Magazine, Time, Daily Mail, NBC's Today Show for celebrating the highly sexualized 11-year-old  who has posed with a naked adult drag queen, danced in a gay bar, and did a partial striptease for cheering homosexuals and pedophiles.
- French Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet says 13 may be the right age of consent.
- The University of Massachusetts
- Bill Clinton for his long-time friendship with Epstein whom Clinton flew with 26 times on his private jet and from whom the Clinton's accepted large secret donations.
- Venice Film Festival for honoring the multiply-acused, bail-skipping, confessed rapist who drugged and violated a 13 year old.
- New York Gay Activists Alliance
- Alec Baldwin for intensely sexualizing a 16 year old
- Hugh Hefner who intentionally published nude photos of young girls.
- The ACLU defending NAMBA in Time Magazine’s article, For the Love of Boys and their support for the sale of child pornography as admitted by Jim Joy, the Executive Director of the Colorado ACLU, in debate with Bob on public television.
- Woody Allen, Chelsea Handler, and George Stephanopoulos, attended the same Epstein 2010 dinner party mentioned, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
- Swiss porn filmmaker Otto Weisser says an adult having sex with a drugged 13-year old was a "little mistake".
- Amazon's (see above too) Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Harvey Weinstein, Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter, etc.,  socialized with well known "recruiter" and "groomer" of teenage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell, at top awards parties in New York and Los Angeles including Vainity Fair's 2014 Oscar bash where she posed with the editor in chief.
- Whoppi Goldberg who spoke positively of Polanski who raped a 13-year-old girl saying that it wasn't "rape-rape":

Further, regardless of the specific charge he pled to, because the girl was drugged, let's remember to criticize every media personality who calls it "statuatory rape". For that reason too Goldbert, it was rape rape. (See the hundreds of comments under this video on the BEL YouTube channel from enraged people.)

For more, see (and even and our Michael Jackson report at

* Wanna Get Sick from a TED Talk? This pro-pedophiles TEDx Talk was sponsored by the TED Talk organization...

* Corey Feldmen Not His Type: Childhood friend (note: with MJ, that doesn't have its normal meaning) of Jackson, Corey Feldmen has long defending his older friend from child molestation accusations. BEL has long pointed out what that meant, that Feldman simply didn't realize what it means when someone is, "not his type". March 7, 2019 Update: Finally, Corey Feldman realizes (and says) that he can no longer defend Michael Jackson. Truth Wins Out!

* Penn State Coach Joe Paterno and so many others who defended Jerry Sandusky

* Bill Cosby sexually molested more than 50 women including a 15 year old girl. (It took the #MeToo movement, but thankfully, public opinion, including that of the left, has turned against this rapist.)

* Child actor Michael Egan's accusation against:
- X-men director Bryan Singer
- Disney executive David Neuman
- Fox programming executive Garth Ancier (and later with CW & NBC)
- Broadway producer Gary Goddard


* At PJMedia: here...

Screenshot of Enyart comment at PJ Media's article on Amazon despicably selling child sex doll

Obama giving awards to sexual predators Weinstein, Clinton, Weiner, and Cosby.* And then there's the Run of the Mill Hollywood Use of Prostitutes: Of course prostitution is prostitution, regardless of whether the woman being paid is also being filmed for a scene in a movie. Then consider also the never-ending provision of many hundreds of women used by Hollywood megastar (and friend, ally, and fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) Harvey Weinstein. Have you wondered how Weinstein and the Hollywood elite exclude using women who are victims of classic sex trafficking? What, do they do background checks?