Eric Hovind on Real Science Radio

Bob Enyart interviews Eric Hovind of Creation Today about his effective rebuttal of the theory of evolution and the misinformation that leads many people to accept an old earth and to reject God. Bob and Eric discuss:
- Eric's Genesis 3D film's trailers and featurettes (see one below)
- Crowd funding for Genesis 3D
- the eight Creation Minute videos
- the Hovind family's role in the creation movement
- and the airing in the 1990s of one of their entire five-hour video series in 80 cities from Honolulu to Orlando on Bob Enyart Live.

* Video of RSR on the Pepperdine Campus: The presentation in Malibu that Bob and Eric discussed from this summer warning Pepperdine University students about theistic evolution is now on YouTube and available for viewing right here:

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