Kim Davis: I'll help you issue these without my help

* Just Do It Without Our Help: Bob Enyart gets a live report from Kentucky from Michigan-based pro-life evangelist Cal Zastrow about the latest from the Christian Rowan County clerk who has been released from jail and ordered not to interfere with her subordinates issuing homosexual marriage licenses. However even before, and in anticipation of, the supreme court opinion, Kim contacted the Kentucky governor to suggest a work around for the issuance of homosexual marriage licenses. Thus while at one level she has heroically refused to do wrong, at a higher level, her position is this: "Let me help you issue these without my help." The same is true of the misguided effort of Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver who is unwittingly trying to smooth the roll-out of homosexual marriage to reduce the social tension over it so that the destruction of Western Civilization can be implemented without causing undo difficulty for the few government officials who may object.

* With All the Blood Moon Prophecy Hype: Bob recommended two previous programs, and

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