All Out War for Judge Roy Moore

* Keeping US “Moored” to Reality: Hear Bob and co-host Doug McBurney praise the brave resistance of Judge Roy Moore against the imposition of homosexual marriage by the (RE-publican) judiciary. Judge Roy Moore is a “moral anchor”. Are you?

* People Who Should Not Live: Speaking of Justice... (Supreme Court and otherwise). The lawyers, legislators and judges who have allowed Convicted murderer Drew Peterson to live should be help to account for his plan to hire a hit man to kill his prosecutor!

* Who Was Brian Williams? Oh yeah, he was the guy who never saved that puppy… never mind.

* ISIS or the Humanists: Who do you think is a greater threat to your family, your neighbors & America?

RSR's List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
seminar by Bob Enyart

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: Lake of the Pines
1931 Lake of the Pines Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46234

When: Saturday, March 7th
Registration at 12:30
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This is a Benefit Event to Raise Funds to keep BEL on the air
organized by our Indianapolis listeners!
Registration $100; children free.
If you can't afford the registration, instead of clicking,
please call 1-800-8Enyart and ask for our Workin' Man's discount! :)

Examples of the Evidence: From, Bob will use these astronomy observations:
- Mature galaxies exist where the BB predicts only infant galaxies
- An entire universe-worth of missing antimatter contradicts most fundamental BB prediction
- Observations show that spiral galaxies are missing millions of years of BB predicted collisions
- Clusters of galaxies exist at great distances where the BB predicts they should not exist
- A trillion stars are missing an unimaginably massive quantity of heavy elements, a total of nine billion years worth
- Galaxy superclusters exist yet the BB predicts that gravity couldn't form them even in the alleged age of the cosmos
- A missing generation of the alleged billions of first stars that the failed search has implied simply never existed
- Missing uniform distribution of earth's radioactivity
- Solar system formation theory wrong too
- It is "philosophy", not science, that makes the big-bang claim that the universe has no center
- Amassing evidence suggests the universe has a center
- Sun is missing nearly 100% of the spin that natural formation would impart
- The beloved supernova chemical evolution story for the formation of heavy elements is now widely rejected
- Missing uniform distribution of solar system isotopes
- Missing billions of years of additional clustering of nearby galaxies
- Surface brightness of the furthest galaxies, against a fundamental BB claim, is identical to that of the nearest galaxies
- Missing shadow of the big bang with the long-predicted "quieter" echo behind nearby galaxy clusters now disproved
- The mythical CMB prediction and other alleged confirmed big bang predictions that were never made
- Fine tuning and dozens of other MAJOR scientific observations and 1,000+ scientists doubting the big bang.