The Heterosexual Medical Doc Fired from a Boston Hospital

* Dr. Paul Church Fired from Beth Israel Deaconess: You may have heard of the Christian Dr. Paul Church who was fired from Harvard-associated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston because he warned people about the dangers of homosexual behavior. Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Church, whose own life is a case study in the observation that Christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive. One or the other will be in the closet. The two discuss Dr. Church's persecution, "gay pride" parades, and the truth about why the homosexual lifestyle is celebrated. See this article at for more information on Dr. Church's case.

* December 15, 2015 Car Crash Update: I just received an email from out-of-state friends who are hosting the Zastrow's at their home during a missions trip. "Cal and Corrie were in a car accident earlier this evening. Thankfully they are both okay, but as you can see, the car was hit pretty hard. Obviously this is an unplanned expense; this vehicle was gifted to them and it's insured but we'll have to see how much the insurance company values this car at. We're exploring some lower budget cosmetic fixes. Bob, I wish that my family and I were in a position to help them completely with this. We are praying about how much we can give to help Cal right now. But I'm sure there will still be more cost. You must know more folks who love the Zastrow family (like we do), who may be willing and able to help out financially. I don't imagine that they'll solicit help so I want to for them. I would appreciate if you would pass this request along to a few folks."

So, my dear BEL friends, here's what we can do to help. If I learn of an easier way for you to donate to help out, I'll post that here. But in the meantime, you can make a check payable to Cal Zastrow and mail it to BEL, PO Box 583, Arvada CO 80001. Or you can make a check out to Oscoda Assembly of God, with a memo for the Trish Zastrow ministry, and sent to:
Oscoda Assembly of God
5581 N. U.S. 23
Oscoda, MI 48750

* Ongoing Updates: Any updates will appear at Thanks guys! -Bob E.