Liars, Cheaters, Killers & Thieves

* Denver Bible Church Movie Night: Come out this Friday night and join Denver Bible Church for a screening of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” Friday, Sept 18 at 7pm!

* The Daughter of Europe: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney talks about Glen Beck’s human trafficking experiment, the Danish teenaged girl who butchered her mother after becoming a Moslem, (and the danger of allowing Moslems to invade Europe and America and seduce our daughters).

* Just-a-System: An Oklahoma court has handed yet another stay of execution to convicted killer Richard Glossip for the murder he committed in 1977, (that’s almost 40 years ago).

* Lying Cheater Endorses Trump: New England Patriots Tom Brady, (need we say more).

* Bad Pope: The Pope has accepted an invitation to the White House to visit Barry HO, his M.O. and all their sex pervert friends.