Foundations Under Attack

* Thank You Sir, May I Have Another: Police officers in France were shocked to see one of their brethren prostrate with his hands up, begging for his life from an Islamist killer. And now they’re being forced to prostrate themselves before the secular Eurocrats and ask if they can please have their guns back!

* Anything Goes Marriage: Listen in as Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reports on the latest assault on the foundational institutions of civilization; this time marriage; and this time it’s not just the homos; it’s also the witches!

* Rappers Die ASAP: Hip-Hop purveyor of immorality and drunkenness “ASAP” Yams was discovered dead at the age of 26. (BEL’s producer is considering starting a pool in which the winner will identify the particular combination of intoxicants that paved the way for ASAP’s introduction to the Living God).

* A Couple More Jokers: The trials of James Holmes & Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are just the latest examples of how the Proctocracy is undermining another of the foundations of our civilization by promulgating the perception that the legal system in America is a ridiculous joke. It’s not a justice system; it’s Just a System.

* Gunwood USA: Caller Gordon from Littleton laments the profanity and vulgarity producers included in the wildly successful “American Sniper” movie, and turns us on to his new book; the action packed police novel Gunwood USA!

* Caller Corrects Host: Caller Karl from Englewood reminds the host that reading directly from the secular media is risky, especially when the LA Times omits the FACT that James Holmes also murdered an unborn child in that Aurora movie theater 914 days ago.

* It’s Never Enough: Billy Crystal helped mainstream homosexuality on TV in the 70’s, but now thinks maybe the homos are going too far.