Patterns of Evidence filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on RSR

* Hear the "Patterns of Evidence" Guy on Real Science Radio: Bob Enyart interviews Timothy Mahoney of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus (click to buy it from RSR). This successful Fathom Events film from earlier this year is just now out on video available everywhere including the KGOV Store and at Visit the primary archaeological sites with Mahoney. Hear from the world’s leading Egyptologists. And then see for yourself the awesome evidence for the Israelites in Egypt, just as the Bible reports.

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* See Also Bob Enyart's Bible Tour of Israel: Filmed on location. You just might love this also! Bob's Bible Tour of Israel is not a polished production like Mahoney's film. (It's anything but.) We think though that you'll LOVE the information in it just the same, or your money back!

* Dennis Prager on Patterns: While secular Egyptologists dismiss the significant evidence for the Exodus assembled by Mahoney and others, often citing the impossibility of a viable timeline, immediately following the Patterns screening at their Fathom Event, in a panel discussion Dennis Prager stated:

They're saying that, "The Exodus that never took place, because the Jews were never in Egypt, couldn't have taken place earlier." Is that correct? Isn't that a bit odd? They deny it ever took place, so there's no timeline for them. I don't get it. What is their argument on timeline? Now, if you have eight huge pieces of data, of incontrovertible data, like Joseph and his multicolored robe in that specific place at that time, and the Semites of that area escaping as it were overnight, at a certain period, and more and more of that at a certain time in history, you have to willfully deny it. "Well, it couldn't have happened because it had to happen later, therefore it never happened at all", makes no sense. So you sort of pinch yourself. And that brings us to what that archaeologist or scientist said, "Look, we have our biases, and they have theirs." Yes, that is exactly right. They have theirs. They don't want an Exodus.