Bob & Doug at War

* Introducing Speaker Romney Ryan: Listen in as Bob & co-host Doug McBurney review the Ryan/McConnell/Pelosi/Reid budget deal & grant Paul Ryan his new moniker, “Romney Ryan”!

* Grains, Plantains & Automobiles: May all soon be driven by robots should the Lord tarry.

* Post-Abortive Rant: Virtually unknown Elle magazine contributor Sady Doyle goes ballistic over Newsweek’s cover featuring a human fetus! And even though she calls the image “adorable” at one point, she makes no bones about her outrage over the “humanization” of the baby in the womb.

* Ashley Madison Death Watch: Sticking to his prediction on the ultimate bankruptcy of Ashley Madison’s criminal enterprise, Doug get’s Bob’s opinion on their claim to have attracted 4 million new customers since they were hacked.