Real Science Radio's Case Against Pot: 2015

Bob Enyart and RSR guest co-host Doug McBurney present the latest peer-reviewed studies, and review the last couple decades of studies showing how destructive marijuana is. Also, from their Pot-Never-Killed-Anybody file, the guys present the latest news of folks killed by marijuana.

* Research Showing the Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use

more...  [Help RSR reach page one of Google search results for: negative effects of marijuana. To accomplish this extremely difficult task (hopefully by the end of 2015), please share and post this link, including wherever people are wondering about the effects of marijuana.] 

* From the Pot Never Killed Anybody file: Here's a tragic 2015 case from Indiana where a 28-year-old ingested marijuana edibles and proceeded to drive a car and kill two people including a 22-year-old woman. It'd be worthwhile for someone, perhaps you!, to start a listing, on Wikiepedia or somewhere online, of people killed by marijuana use.

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