The Making of the Patterns of Evidence Film

* The Making Of: Bob Enyart interviews filmmaker Timothy Mahoney of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, the Fathom Events film from earlier this year just now out on video and available everywhere including at our KGOV Store and Visit the primary archaeological sites with Tim, hear from the world’s leading Egyptologists, and then see for yourself the awesome evidence for the Israelites in Egypt.

* Also: Hear also the separate BEL interviews of Tim Mahoney on:
The Making Of the Patterns of Evidence (this show)
The Patterns Filmmaker on RSR (on the film's content), and in 2017:
The Patterns Collector's Edition, and
- RSR's Evidence for the Exodus series! 

* The List: Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present a new Real Science Radio series in their popular List Shows format over at