Pelosi & Nat'l RTL Agree

* National Right to Abort: …at least in the cases of rape and incest… That’s the official position of the leadership of America’s oldest and most influential pro-life industry organization. Find out about the enormous tension developing as the Abolitionist movement supplants the abortion regulation establishment.

* 13 Years to the Day: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney talk about some interesting facts regarding the 20th anniversary of O.J. Simpson’s stunning acquittal in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman, like the fact that O.J. revealed details about the crime to Christy Prody for 12 long years & was convicted of kidnapping & conspiracy in Las Vegas 13 years to the day after his murder acquittal.

* Pelosi Goes to Hell: Get a Preview of Nancy Pelosi on Judgment Day when she will be asked about all the children she killed, (despite her efforts to distract the questioner with the kids she did not kill). 

* All Dogs go to Heaven? Hear Bob’s thought on whether or not animals go to heaven, and if there will be animals in eternity.

* And Here's that Unauthorized Recording