Blood in the Water

* Obama’s Illegitimate Children: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reports on the continuing rise of Barack Obama’s army of brainwashed, ignorant, suicidal children hell bent on destroying the institutions of America.

* Life After Darth: As reported at the Weekly Worldview, terminally ill Star Wars fan Daniel Fleetwood is no longer terminally ill, because he has died, after being praised for telling the world that the one thing weighing heaviest upon him in the dim hours before certain death was seeing “Star Wars The Force Awakens”.

* George, I mean JEB Bush’s Desperate Fantasy: Jeb is so desperate for people to remember his name and pay some attention to him that he has condescended to ask questions as devoid of reality as his presidential campaign.

* Trans-Sanity: A term to describe the transition of a person, an institution, or a nation from sanity to insanity, (note: trans-sanity is often expressed in the promotion of perverted sexual sin as good and normal). Trans-sanity leads to the death of civilization when it is expressed in public without legal consequence.