Doug McBurney Sits In!

* Vlad the Exhaler: Vladimir Putin isn’t buying the whole CO2, man made “Global Climate Change“ scam, and Bob's guest host Doug McBurney laments the fact that he finds Vlad’s views more often in line with the reality than those of most American politicians…

* Bill Gates Hates: …himself that is. Now he’s demonizing the very free market that made him worth more financially that he is intellectually or spiritually.

* What God Hath Joined together: Let not man separate. At least if it means that separating 2 conjoined twins will cause the death of one to preserve the life of another.

* Good Times, Bad Times: Conservatism seems to succeed in off year elections, (like in Houston where the homos failed). But not where Barack Obama, George Soros and the girl junta hijacking the country brainwash and organize the youth for action, (like in Jefferson County Colorado).

* Arrest Quentin Tarantino! time he calls the cops when he's afraid of strangers loitering in his yard, or the next time (a few days later) he declares that police are murderers.