Nat’l Abortion Federation Aligns with Nat’l RTL

* Cold Turkey: Bob points out that about 15 million conservative Dish Network subscribers have survived their first major world crisis without Fox News.

* Unity of Pro Aborts & "Pro Lifers": While abortion regulators at National Right to Life, LifeNews and Jill Stanek celebrate the abortion rules taken up this week in congress, author Josh Craddock points out in a devastating critique that their new abortion regulations are perfectly in line with abortion regulations supported by the founder of the National Abortion Federation.

* Robbie's Rebuke: Caller Robbie rebukes Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney, and then moves on to the French…

* Hugh Loves Mitt: Hear Bob rebuke the likes of Hugh Hewitt and other talkers who are already softening up the conservative base to receive Mitt Romney as our presidential nominee.