RSR: Breaking News on Shootings and Science

* BREAKING NEWS: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart  and Fred Williams share nationally-significant breaking news on the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood abortion clinic shootings and discuss the latest science news on dinosaur soft tissue archaeology and from Creation magazine.

* It's What You Do: If you're a personhood supporter you try to save lives at abortion clinics. It's what you do. Bob Enyart Live listeners are among the very first to hear that a personhood supporter, Officer Garrett Swasey, was there on scene during the Planned Parenthood clinic shootings on Friday, November 27th. (See officer Swasey's signature on CRTL's personhood petition below.) This Christian anti-abortionist intervened at the Colorado Springs abortion clinic in an attempt to save lives. This is what personhood supporters do. Officer Swasey also attended a pastors' briefing that CRTL and Personhood Colorado helped organize in 2014 and as a leader in his church, Hope Chapel, Garrett made sure that the congregation there had the opportunity to sign the petitions which enabled pro-lifers, election after election, to get our personhood amendment on Colorado's statewide ballot.

* It's What They Do: If you're a godless reporter, you blame massacres on scapegoats and on those trying to save lives. It's what you do.

* Officer Garrett Swasey Personhood Supporter: