Bob Passes Doug's Pastor Pop Quiz

* On the Bus, or Off the Bus… Today Bob & co-host Doug McBurney update you on the coming automation of just about everything, (including city buses), and why you should not fear it, (unless you’re lazy & shiftless).

* The Guys Talk About the Walking Corpse: White Megyn Kelly. 

* Child Abuse Resulting in Death: Bob & Doug report on the situation in England regarding the “cluster effect” in public schools caused when abusive, stupid, wicked parents, teachers & administrators encourage children to question their gender!

* The 144,000: That’s about the number of dollars that Aaron Klein and “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” had to pay in order to avoid celebrating a homo wedding with one of their cakes!

* Mohammed in Israel: Contrary to popular perception, Arabs are allowed to live freely in Israel. So much so that last year Mohammed was the most popular boys name in the Promised Land. Listen in for an interesting sociology lesson, and the BEL Pastor Pop Quiz!