Two Fathers of Evolution Theory and Natural Selection

Alfred Russel Wallace* Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews science historian professor Michael Flannery on the two fathers of evolution theory and natural selection, Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin. To reinforce current scientific dogma, most or all attention is typically given to Darwin with Wallace’ role downplayed because he rejected Darwin’s methodological naturalism, showing that rejection of materialism is not a science stopper. See also our 2018 sequel,

* Darwin Systematically Failed to Credit Other Scientists: For the documentation showing that Charles Darwin "borrowed", or more accurately, plagiarized, other scientists to popularize the significant aspects of "Darwinism", please see

* Evolutionary Naturalism is an Ancient Idea: RSR friend Dr. Jerry Bergman presents a great review of the pre-Darwin ancient beliefs in naturalistic origin of species. Most evolutionists will be shocked to learn the historical information, documented in Bergman's paper, that corroborates the strongest claim, bolded here, in his abstract:

The theory of biological evolution is not a modern idea as is often supposed. Organic evolution was first taught by the Greeks at least as early as the 7th century BC. Greek philosophers probably borrowed and adapted their evolutionary ideas from the Hindus, who believed that souls transformed from one animal to another until they reached a perfection state called nirvana. Charles Darwin allegedly made no contributions to the development of the theory of evolution by natural selection, but simply helped to popularize it. Evolutionists today argue that evolution is a modern idea (i.e. a product of scientific research), in part as an effort to lend credibility to their worldview.

* Darwin on the 10-pound British Note: The British people love Darwin because they hate God. (See



* Darwin Slanders His Mailman: Based on Darwin and Darwinism: 150 Years Later, 2009, by McNaughton and Taylor, pp. 41-42, as passed along from some fellow creationists:

Darwin maintained that he received [Wallace's] letter on June 18, 1858, ten days after he had written to Joseph Hooker, giving him the full content of his theory. Wallace’s letter outlined his theory of evolution, and Darwin was horrified to find out their ideas were the same. Following this, two of Darwin’s friends arranged for Darwin to present his ideas at the Linnean Society, and Wallace’s paper would be read at the same meeting.

But Wallace had mailed two letters from Malay on the same day. One, addressed to a relative of his, arrived on June 3rd. There are some science historians who have suggested that Darwin also got his letter on June 3, quickly wrote his findings into a paper, informed Hooker as an alibi, then claimed Wallace’s letter had arrived on the 18th. If this is true, Darwin had performed the biggest example of scientific plagiarism in history. And, even Darwin’s own autobiography admits that he frequently told the most whopping great lies.

Wallace' portrait at the NHM