Noted Physicist John Hartnett on Our Big Bang List

Evidence-against-the-BB-RSR-video-med.jpgUpdate: Dr. Hartnett endorses RSR's Big Bang video!

* Australian Scientist John Hartnett evaluates RSR's Evidence Against the Big Bang: As a college professor, a cosmologist, and an award-winning physicist co-creator of the most precise clock ever made by human beings, Dr. Hartnett is qualified to evaluate the validity of RSR's list of peer-reviewed scientific discoveries that contradict, even as admitted by their discoverers, the predictions of the big bang theory. Discussed: distant "mature" galaxies; missing antimatter; "too perfect" spirals; nine billion years of missing metal; Sun missing 99% of its expected spin; etc.

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RSR's List of Evidence Against the Big Bang 
seminar by Bob Enyart
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Examples of the Evidence: From, Bob will use these astronomy observations:

- Mature galaxies exist where the BB predicts only infant galaxies
- An entire universe-worth of missing antimatter contradicts most fundamental BB prediction
- Observations show that spiral galaxies are missing millions of years of BB predicted collisions
- Clusters of galaxies exist at great distances where the BB predicts they should not exist
- A trillion stars are missing an unimaginably massive quantity of heavy elements, a total of nine billion years worth 
- Galaxy superclusters exist yet the BB predicts that gravity couldn't form them even in the alleged age of the cosmos
- A missing generation of the alleged billions of first stars that the failed search has implied simply never existed
- Missing uniform distribution of earth's radioactivity
- Solar system formation theory wrong too
- It is "philosophy", not science, that makes the big-bang claim that the universe has no center
- Amassing evidence suggests the universe has a center
- Sun is missing nearly 100% of the spin that natural formation would impart
- The beloved supernova chemical evolution story for the formation of heavy elements is now widely rejected
- Missing uniform distribution of solar system isotopes
- Missing billions of years of additional clustering of nearby galaxies
- Surface brightness of the furthest galaxies, against a fundamental BB claim, is identical to that of the nearest galaxies
- Missing shadow of the big bang with the long-predicted "quieter" echo behind nearby galaxy clusters now disproved
- The mythical CMB prediction and other alleged confirmed big bang predictions that were never made
- Fine tuning and dozens of other MAJOR scientific observations and 1,000+ scientists doubting the big bang.