Another KLTT Conservative on Bob Enyart Live

* Bob Enyart Interviews David Leach: KLTT political commentator and author of, David Leach is an important friend of BEL! For over a year now David has engineered the BEL radio show from across town in the Crawford Broadcasting studios. The guys talk about the squandering of the outrage among Christians and pro-lifers with the betrayal of the U.S. Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell in his assuring continued funding for Planned Parenthood, and about a similar betrayal here in Colorado by the Republican president of the state Senate Bill Cadman in his defense of Planned Parenthood's core business. Also discussed: Colorado's U.S. Representative Ken Buck.

* Post-show Update: In the Boulder Daily Camera, another BEL friend and long-time CRTL activist, Charlie Danaher, writes: Barbarism started long before the body parts.