15 Letters to Conservative Churches in Denver

BEL producer Larry Wolfe, looking for a new church for his family sent a letter to fifteen Denver-area conservative churches regarding homosexuality. Bob and Larry discuss the replies. 

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* Letter in Bob's Inbox Today:

Hello. I am a family physician and pediatrician, and director of Personhood Ohio and the Association of Pro-Life Physicians, and I write to you to notify you of an occurrence in central Ohio that requires your immediate urgent attention.

I attend New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw, Ohio, which finds itself once again under attack. You may recall in the fall of 2014, our church was a nationwide news story when we were targeted by strippers on Sunday morning. This was done in retaliation by the strip club owner as a result of our successful outreach in front of the Foxhole strip club in the area. Our Gospel presentation and presence on the public sidewalk in front of the strip club withered down their crowd tremendously. The strip club owner brought his strippers out to strip on the sidewalk in order to intimidate us into withdrawing our outreach, and it was a difficult trial for our congregation as some left as a result of the public lewdness and provocative sexual nudity on the sidewalk in front and around the church in front of their children. It was a very painful five weeks in the fall of 2014, and there was enough public outrage to lead our state reps (Ron Hood and Brian Hill) and Citizens for Community Values leaders to come to our aid and work with us on legislation to end this public vileness in view of children.

Well, when winter came and the strippers went back inside, the outrage dwindled. With the weather warm, the strippers are at it again, getting more and more lewd and provocative in their nudity and dancing on the sidewalk in front and around the church. We are located in a neighborhood, and non-church-going children ride their bikes to see the nude women. The strippers walk around the block, and men come out of their homes to pose with the women for pics as children look on. It is an atrocity unequaled even in the perverted streets of Las Vegas and New Orleans, and the women do this in the presence of law enforcement officers who do nothing.

Ohio law is not the problem. The Ohio public indecency law says that no one may expose their "private part" where it is an "affront" to another. Unfortunately, a godless judge ruled that a "private part" does not include exposed female breast, and the police department who arrested three topless lesbians was ordered to pay each lesbian $5,000. However, Ohio law remains unchanged, this godless judicial activism notwithstanding. Of course the female breast is a "private part" - even Hollywood knows that, as it is the difference between and PG and R rating. And of course exposing this private part publicly and intentionally to children and unsuspecting men in order to "affront" them violates this law. 

I call upon each of you to immediately help us reignite the rage against this public vileness against God's people. Many of you have talk shows and television shows, extensive mailing lists. Please, help us publicize this and provoke God's people to act! Two things must immediately be done. The Coshocton Sheriff must be made aware that he has a duty to enforce Ohio law, which clearly forbids this. Law enforcement does not have to subjugate the law to godless and often contradictory judicial activists who defy the law created by democratically elected leaders. His name and contact info is: Timothy Rogers, 328 Chestnut St, Coshocton, OH 43812, (740) 622-2411. 

The Sheriff defers the question of law to his law director, who insists public exposure of the breasts on public sidewalks is legal, but can cite no law to support this. Secondly, we must immediately define "private part" in Ohio law clearly, and not leave it to public-nudity-affirming judges. Rep. Ron Hood agreed to do this in the fall, but once the weather cooled and the rage dwindled, it never materialized. When I publicly called for enforcing Ohio's public indecency law, the left's and the media's attack against me was that I wanted to "ban public breastfeeding"; therefore, I proposed to our state reps legislation such as "the Ohio Public Breastfeeding Protection Act". A simply written, two sentence law could 1) protect breastfeeding in public, and 2) define "private part" for the purposes of the Ohio public indecency act to include the "female breast."

The force behind this public nudity is the gay agenda. Columbus, Ohio's gay pride parade is 500,000 strong, and most of the women go completely topless right down the street past the statehouse! It is the vilest public filth I have ever seen! I have preached at gay pride parades over the years, and the one in Columbus is larger and more vile than Chicago's and even San Francisco's. Some of the men in Columbus' parade go bottomless, covering their genitals with a poster. All of this nudity is done in public in view of officers, who think they are following the law in allowing this. Make no mistake, the gay activists are a formidable force that intend to keep public nudity legal in Ohio. However, if God be for us, who can stand against us? Let us drive this evil out of our streets in Jesus' name! Please, help us!

Dr. Patrick Johnson