BEL's Top 12 Contributions Over 25 Years

* Summary of Top Twelve: By our estimation, the twelve most significant contributions to the world that this radio program and our Denver Bible Church have made include the biblical attributes of God (living, personal, relational, good and loving), God and time, the dinosaur soft tissue impact on the age of the young earth, the original 360-day year, hermeneutics and The Plot, the creation and evolution debate at Real Science Radio, promoting the personhood of the unborn child and our website, living the Christian life by grace from a study we call The Tree, our presentations of the global flood and the hydroplate theory, God’s criminal justice system, on marriage and morality, and the twelfth most important contribution made by BEL and the little church that could (DBC) is our teaching on economics, regarding justifiable taxation, what is money, and so forth.

* The BEL Contribution to the Viral PP Videos Phenomenon:


Our Top Twelve Contributions: By our estimation, the twelve most significant contributions to the world that this Bob Enyart Live radio program and our Denver Bible Church have made include:


1. God is Free: Our teaching on the nature of God, being eternally free and creative including at our site
2. Time is Eternal: Our unique contributions to the understanding of God and time from everlasting to everlasting
3. Young Earth: Our teaching on the age of the earth at like dinosaur soft tissue and evidence against the big bang
4. Initial Calendar: Our documenting of the Earth’s original 360-day year at
5. Hermeneutics: On hermeneutics and on rightly dividing the Scriptures, which we call The Plot as at our
6. Creation vs. Evolution: Our own contributions to the creation and evolution debate through Real Science Radio as
7. Personhood: Just as God is a person and He created us in His likeness, our teaching on the personhood of the unborn child, and against exceptions and regulations as at the website we've built,
8. The Tree: On living the Christian life by grace, which study we call The Tree (of the knowledge of good and evil)
9. Hydroplate Theory: Our teaching on the the global flood and our promotion of the hydroplate theory
10. Criminal Justice: God’s criminal justice system, including on terrorism, and the Bible’s command for Christians tojudge, and the New Testament’s support for capital punishment
11. Morality: On marriagemorality, and exposing moral relativism, which includes our warnings onmarijuanahomosexuality, and public schools, and our promotion of homeschooling.
12. Economics: And the twelth most important contribution made by Bob Enyart Live (and DBC, the little church that could) is our teaching on economics, on what is money, that advocating welfare is sinful and violates Thou shalt not steal; and on what is justifiable taxation, and so forth.

So by our estimation, these are the major contributions that we’ve made to aid in the undestanding of the Body of Christ, so that we need not be ashamed as workman for the Lord, being able to identify falsehood and lies and discern the truth.