David Rives: Creation in the 21st Century on RSR

* One of the World's Most Influential Creationists: With his enormous weekly television audience, David Rives, host of the Creation in the 21st Century on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, is quickly becoming one of the most influential creationists in the world! Bob Enyart is honored to welcome David to the RSR studio. You can watch Rives (for Broncos' fans, that's pronounced Reeves) program every Wednesday at noon Eastern Time. David conducts his own historical and scientific research, has been featured on the History Channel in relation to his work on Dead Sea Scrolls projects, interviews many of the world's most effective creationists, and has appeared on media outlets around the world. (See also Bob's RSR articles on David's website.)

* David Rives' Field Work: Hundreds of hours working with observatory class telescopes and eleven trips to the Holy Land provide the backdrop for David's broadcast to millions on TBN with his signature line: "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God." From a biblical prospective he explores the beauty and sophistication of creation while his successful songwriting and recording career enables David to add a musical dimension to his outreach. Around the world people hear his message through documentaries, music, television programs, interviews, photography, books, and lectures. Perhaps most significantly, David launched the groundbreaking Genesis Science Network., available on Roku and streaming on phones, pads, notebooks, and PCs! See why Bob loves this 24/7 presentation of creation science material...

RSR's 2-minute Contribution to the Viral Abortion Body Parts Videos: Prepare yourself, but then, please share...

* Video of RSR on the Pepperdine Campus: In Malibu this summer Bob Enyart warned Pepperdine University students about theistic evolution. That presentation is now on YouTube and available for viewing right here:

* Two of RSR's Favorite Creationists with David Rives: See David interview Mike Snavely on the global flood and the hydroplate theory (episode just re-aired on August 3, 2015) and Dr. Jonathan Safarti on scientific evidence for the global flood!

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Today's Special Resource: Hermeneutics Seminar

A hermeneutic is a tool for interpreting the Bible that students use to better understand the Scriptures. Proper hermeneutics are invaluable. "Of all Bob Enyart's materials, the Hermeneutics Seminar is the best!" says Brian of Thornton, Colorado. Filmed at Denver's famous Brown Palace Hotel, Bob presents the most important hermeneutics, discusses their misuse, and gives examples of how to use them properly. This fascinating Bible study is available on h MP3-CD or MP3 download. You can click to order online or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) and either way you'll also get the extensive seminar handout and the slides that Bob presented to help folks remember each of the hermeneutics and how to use them.