The Return of James White & the Eagle Eggs

* The Return of the Eagle Eggs: In rural Colorado, a farmer brought a nest with two eagle eggs to the old BEL television studio hoping that Bob Enyart would have an idea of what to do with them. Twenty years later, Bob airs a few minutes of what then transpired from one of our BEL Televised Classics DVDs which was added today to the BEL YouTube channel:

* The Return of James White: In a related story, six months after The Battle at the Palace when Bob debated James White on whether the future is settled or open, Dr. White wrote a follow-up article defending his words, again, without quoting his words. This 2-minute video documents the shocking debate aftermath involving R.C. Sproul Jr. and Dr. White just after The Battle at the Palace:


* Now in a Video James White Again Didn't Quote Himself: White's words were only two brief sentences, and he and his supporters have pulled out all the stops to defend what he said, only, without quoting him! This is bizarre behavior. Here's an entire video-length defense White gives of himself, and again, without quoting himself:

James White again refuses to quote his own two sentences while trying to defend himself against his heresy...
Refuses to quote his own two sentences, because they are overly heretical.

So we're still hoping and praying that Dr. White and R.C. Sproul Jr. will simply retract their statements. And in the meantime, the question we asked Dr. White on his Facebook page which he choose to leave unanswered remains: "James White, do you affirm that the Second Person of the Trinity has both a divine and a human nature?"

* The Full Debate: You can get a copy to share it with others on Blu-ray or DVD and you can watch (or listen) to the full debate right here: