Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 2

..* Who was Stephen? In Acts 7, we read the account of Stephen. While the Bible doesn't tell us a lot about him, the fact that this account is included in the Bible, speaks of its historical significance.

In this 6-part series, Bob presents this account of Stephen's sermon to the religious leaders and the  execution of Stephen.

* Acts 4-MP3-CD Set: When you realize that the "plot" of the book of Acts helps to illuminate the real meann the account of Stephen and the pivotal role this event played in the story of God's relationship with Israel and how God would bring His message to the gentiles.

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For Immediate Release:

Home Depot Employee's Open Letter
Protests Company "Preaching" Homosexuality to Workers

Denver, CO 3-19-2015 – Denver Bible Church member Timothy Noffsinger asks in an open letter: "What would happen if Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot, were to appear at the next board meeting in lipstick and a wig wearing a skirt and pantyhose? In the midst of such absurdity, could the Board of Directors function as though there were nothing wrong and work effectively? I doubt it. That same kind of discord would take hostage any workplace. Certainly, it harms the professional image of the North Lakewood Home Depot store where I work."

Noffisinger's letter online here and at, laments THD's annual promotion of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender month (June). And Noffsinger writes, "The Home Depot presentation seeks to redefine morality, and therefore effectively defines religion for THD employees. ... It is self-evident that what LGBT people practice and promote is perverse. It is denying God's order of creation, working against nature and human success."

Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart adds that, "In the godless worldview of Home Depot, they withhold treating some employees with their claimed corporate values. To this home improvement retailer, diversity, respect, and tolerance do not apply to Bible-believing Christian employees. Timothy is right that THD is 'preaching religion to its employees' and that 'Christians are ostracized by LGBT promotion.'"

"As a Christian," Noffsinger's letter continues, "it is my God-given duty and pleasure to fight against evil by speaking the truth. And as far as Federal Law protects me as a citizen to be a Christian and live accordingly, I expect THD to honor that. have one's employer promote this evil... discriminates against Christian and all well-meaning employees."

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(or member Timothy Noffsinger through)
Denver Bible Church