STDs, Sermons & Screenings

* Tim Tebow Passes! Bob & co- host Doug McBurney talk about the Tim Tebow Act passed by the Alabama Legislature.

* The Iceman Cometh…"65M Years" Late: …Science websites around the world are touting the discovery of the worlds “oldest” red blood cells from an ice man who apparently died about 5,400 years ago, but these same STD’s (Soft Tissue Deniers) don’t want to acknowledge the significance of red blood cells discovered in Dinosaur tissue supposedly 65million years old!

*Bob & Man at Pepperdine: Find out how Bob’s unauthorized Big Bang lectures at Pepperdine were received.

* Do you know Jack? Bill Jack that is, who’ll be defending the biblical point of view against a B.S. Biology evolutionist.

* DBC Caulk & Talk: Email the Denver Bible Church Screening Division to find out if you qualify to be included in this Saturday’s “Caulk & Talk”!

* Mother of the Year: And contact Denver Bible Church to subscribe to the DBC Sermons to get a copy of Doug’s Mother’s Day sermon.

* BEL YouTube Channel: Our slowly-but-surely growing channel has just surpassed 65,000 views and with your help, we'll hit another small milestone with the audio of our debate with Dr. James White on whether the future is settled or open. The video of that has now surpassed 7,000 views, with the audio version about to hit 6,000. If you're interested, first check out this shocking two-minute excerpt, and then enjoy the audio of the entire debate: