Bob & Jo Air More Audio from the 7th Video

Bob Enyart and pro-life leader Jo Scott broadcast the second half of the audio track from the seventh viral video, Human Capital - Episode 3: Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions for Superior Product. Jo updates us on the thousand-strong protest of the Stapleton RMPP, on the Denver Bible Church protest of the home of the abortionist from the 4th video, Savita Ginde, and on American RTL's president Leslie Hanks speaking today with Cynthia Coffman's office urging them to investigate the ongoing crimes in Colorado's Planned Parenthood facilities, even though the state Health Department has issued a statement refusing to investigate the abortion clinic that was the subject of the fourth undercover video.

* And KGOV's Contribution: At 9,150 views and counting, here is Bob Enyart Live's contribution to the undercover abortion video phenomenon...


* Announcing Upcoming Debate: Bob Enyart and Will Duffy will be debating a current leader in the King James Only movement, Colorado's Will Kinney. The five-round written debate will take place on TheologyOnline in November!

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* The Seventh Viral Planned Parenthood Video:

* Denver Bible Church Residential Protest of Savita Ginde: So far, in our three Sundays of home visits, 112 Christians have attended DBC's local response to the viral abortion videos phenomenon. See also: Carole Novielli of the saynsumthn blog wrote Protesters greet Planned Parenthood baby parts doc at her home

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