McBurney's BIG 2016 Predictions

* The Nuclear Option: …seems no longer an option for more than 80% of kids in America; the nuclear family that is. Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reports on the latest study documenting the wholesale collapse of the biblical family in America.

* Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Doug reports on the latest outburst of mayhem and destruction vomited out this time upon a mall in Kentucky by a generation of young people who hate their parents, hate the law, hate authority & hate God.

* Misogynist Modified: After being warned of sounding misogynistic in his comments regarding Megyn Kelly, your host refrains from bringing up her appearance in favor of exposing her pro-aborthomosexualist (over & over & over) views!

* Drone Wars: Is the fact that a drone buzzed the President of the United States a harbinger of bad things to come in 2016?

* “Gentleman” Robbed & Shot: A New York Knick was involved in a shooting & robbery after leaving a strip club. Begging the question: was he the perpetrator or the victim? Listen in to find out.