RSR: Now, Rocks Make Life! Huh?

* To Distract from a Planet that Shouldn't Exist: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams finally get around to enjoying the first 2015 issue of Creation magazine. Anti-creationists have long claimed that if you have water, you'll get life. Now, to distract the public from yet another exoplanet discovery that falsifies the secular planetary nebulae hypothesis, they're claiming that if you have rocks (like on this newly discovered planet), you'll get life.

* The Universal Solvent Water Isn't a Friend But an Enemy to Abiogenesis: As for water, it's the universal solvent, so while it is necessary to sustain existing life, it would dissolve prebiotic chemicals including amino acids and polymers. And a rock, is a rock, is a rock. So even if it lacked the hydro-enemy of abiogenesis, rocks also lack information. For while information is needed to build any biological system and any rudimentary genetic encoding scheme, unlike rock, information itself is not physical. The bottom line though is that this new discovery is simply piling on to what had already been known. From RSR's Planet Formation Theory Decimated program:

The California Institute of Technology manager of NASA's exoplanet database, Caltech's astronomer Mike Brown, stated: “Before we ever discovered any [planets outside the solar system] we thought we understood the formation of planetary systems pretty deeply… It was a really beautiful theory. And, clearly, thoroughly wrong." 

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* NASA Show Update: The Telegraph's science editor reported on a NASA lead author who said in 2017, "if we have life evolving in hydrothermal vent systems maybe even 4.2 billion years ago when both [Earth and Mars] had liquid water on their surface, then we would expect both planets to develop early life." To this, Bob Enyart posted a comment:

Water is necessary to sustain life, but as the universal solvent, it relentlessly dissolves the chemical building blocks of life like amino acids, polymers, etc. Thus, Sarah Knapton, as the science editor, even though the typical bait-and-switch is commonly used by the ESA, NASA, etc., that doesn't mean that you need to serve it to us Telegraph readers. They use the obvious, that Water is NEEDED TO MAINTAIN life, to manipulate readers into thinking that it would be an unquestionable BENEFIT to the origin of life. Water helps maintain life but it ruthlessly shreds prebiotic molecules.
-Real Science Radio