Bob Reviews Huckabee and Rubio Debate Answers

* Conservative, then Moderate, then Liberal: "Generally speaking, Republican politicians are conservative in the primaries, moderate in the general election, and govern like liberals," said Bob Enyart at "They're pro-life in the primary, with views in the mainstream in the general, and they fund Planned Parenthood when in office. And they're even Christian in the primary, men of faith in the general, and if elected, like George W. Bush, speak warmly of Islam, and even the Koran, but never of Jesus, nor the Bible. So, remember, while you can't hardly trust a politician, personhood amendments never lie."

* This Just In: A grandma who listens to BEL forwarded this email and photo from her eighteen-year-old grandaughter... 

This summer I had the amazing privilege to serve in South Africa on a short term mission trip. Arriving, I was in awe of the country's beauty. I had never seen a place so incredible yet so corrupt. The two villages I spent most of my time in were Khula, a small traditional village located in the mountains, and Murchison, which could be compared to somewhere like the south side of Chicago. In these villages HIV/AIDS is found in 50% of people, with much of it caused by rape including from sex trafficking. Though this statistic is truly appalling, it is one that I had heard before but haven't been able to grasp until this trip. It's one thing to see starving children as numbers in a statistic but it is another thing to meet them face to face. Seeing toddlers walking the streets alone, freezing and starving, was truly heartbreaking. But then seeing their smiling faces was inspiring. It was incredible to see the joy that fills the eyes of these children who hardly have the bare necessities that we often take for granted.  Being able to give these kids the attention they deserve was an amazing opportunity. However, as much as we impacted their lives is nothing compared to how they have changed mine. 
Being able to serve them was amazing in itself, but being able to serve God's people for Him was incredible. It's difficult to understand how truly big our God is. Hearing the people of South Africa crying out to God saying, "Akekho ofana no Jesu", translated, "There's no one, no one like Jesus", was so beautiful and so pure. My life has been forever changed since South Africa, and my faith in God has never been stronger. If you are ever given the opportunity to serve those in need, I strongly encourage you to do so. You will not regret it. 
* 2016 Update: Our listener reports that her beautiful granddaughter continues to shine with the love of the Lord!