Bob & Doug to Tampa and Beyond!

* Ted Cruz’ Beard: Join Bob & co-host Doug McBurney as they discuss the blind spot Christians have for politicians like Ted Cruz who’ll say anything to bamboozle them.

* Spreading Disease as a Human Right: According to Planned Parenthood’s pamphlet on “how to live as an HIV positive youth”, infected deviants have the right to spread their various diseases, including HIV in secret.

* Todd From Tampa: Hear how Todd in Tampa found Bob Enyart Live via Doug McBurney’s Weekly Worldview, and how the Plot and lots of Bob’s other materials have changed his life for the better!

* Watching the Detectives: Find out how the Obama administration plans to put the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal to rest by enlisting the HHS inspector General to reveal how Planned Parenthood has complied with all of the well established federal and state laws about how to murder, chop up, and sell the body parts of innocent children.

* Note to Franklin Graham: Congratulations Franklin on leaving the RE-publican party, and for pointing out that funding Planned Parenthood is akin to funding NAZI death camps. But we pray you will publically repent of the instructions in your ministries’ Christian Workers Handbook, that defend the killing of handicapped children.