RSR vs. The Blood Moon Prophecy Fad

* RSR's Astronomy & Prophecy Show: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart attempts to rebut the Blood Moon fad popularized by televangelist John Hagee and originated by Pastor Mark Biltz. Basic astronomy explains why lunar eclipses occur in the Spring and Fall, and on Hebrew feast days which themselves are set based on the moon's orbit. Also, these "signs" are typically not even visible in Jerusalem, they don't fall on the 1492 and 1948 years that Rev. Hagee claimed they fall on, and one eclipse hyped by Pastor Biltz was visible only to the few folks living on a couple islands in and near the arctic circle. Astronomer Danny Faulkner joins Bob for the last segment of the program. (This program is based on a recent sermon at Denver Bible Church. Click to subscribe to those sermons!)

* See also RSR's Special Harbinger Edition with Jonathan Cahn: At, Bob Enyart interviews Jonathan Cahn, the NY Times bestselling author of The Harbinger. Bob appreciates Cahn's warning to an America defiant of God but Enyart disagrees with the claim that 9/11 was a specific sign from God. See there Bob's notes regarding his reasons for disagreeing with Jonathan Cahn's claims of a specific divine message in the events following the Attack on America.

* Cahn/Enyart 2016 Update: If Cahn would have paid closer attention to Bob's comments in their 2013 interview, and had taken the written show summary to heart, he could have averted the embarassment of his failed prophecy of economic collapse for 2015.

* Contrast RSR/BEL vs. the End Times Gurus: Consider the systemic failure of the predictions of the End Times prophecy movement with the astounding confirmations of the BEL and RSR predictions as documented over at Regarding the Last Days, Bob Enayrt fully affirms Scripture's teaching on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. However the Lord's return has been imminent since the days of the apostles. As they believed, He could have returned at any moment. Therefore, interpretation of current events as an indicator of His soon return has been biblically flawed, and so the movement's predictions are noteworthy for their complete fallaciousness. We believe that, in contrast to the predictions of the End Times gurus, the Real Science Radio and Bob Enyart Live predictions have an uncanny tendency to be confirmed because we use a more proper understanding of the overview of the Bible. This would be just self-affirmation except that our extensive list of confirmed predictions provide evidence for our claim.

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