RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 3

* The Canonical Whale Evolution Story Falling Apart: Bob Enyart continues a comprehensive series of interviews with filmmaker Carl Werner whose videotaped interviews with the discoverers of the "walking whales" have caused museums around the world to change their fossil exhibits. Dr. Werner reports on one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of science. For the imagined whale-like features of creatures like Pakicetus, Ambulocetus, and Rodhocetus, one by one, are being falsified and their "whale features" are being withdrawn by "whale evolution experts" and even by the discoverers themselves, the teacher Philip Gingerich and his former student Hans Thewissen.

* RSR's List of Whale Problems: For the actual (growing) list, see below

* Filmmaker's Bombshell Report -- Forged Whale Fossils: Dr. Werner interviewed the scientists who supplied the primary whale evolution "fossils" to the world's leading museums including the Smithsonian, Carnegie, American Museum of Natural History, NHM of London, NMNS of Tokyo, Melbourne Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature, and the NHM of Paris. Gingerich now admits that Rodhocetus had no flippers and no fluked tail (and certainly no blowhole), so what millions of evolutionists believe regarding whale fossils is based on fabricated, and fully falsified, misinformation. Hear it, read the full press release, and see it for yourself below (rather than accepting the widespread Darwinist misinformation like about Rodhocetus from 

Today’s Resource: You'll just love Carl Werner's  Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD and his Living Fossils DVD! Want something else? Just browse the Science Department in the KGOV store for the best of the best in creation books, debates, and videos, or just call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278).

* Richard Dawkins Whale Tales: Click to Watch Richard Dawkins spout off on whale intermediates :

* RSR's List of Whale Evolution Problems: In the tradition of the beloved RSR List Shows, we hope the following information will be helpful to you. Throughout the month of June, we will be adding items to this list and Bob Enyart asks you to help us turn this into a comprehensive and succinct resource, so please don't hesitate to email your suggestions for what should be included here:

- Ten thousand paleontologists over 150 years have failed to discover whale transitions 
- Two guys in a few decades discovered Rodhocetus,AmbulocetusPakicetus, and ___________ (fill in the blank).
- The teacher Dr. Philip Gingerich became famous for discovering Rodhocetus and Pakicetus
- The student Dr. Hans Thewissen became famous for discovering Ambulocetus
- Without limb or tail bones to justify his imagination, Gingerich drew flippers and a fluked tail onto Rodhocetus
- Gingerich admits on film to Dr. Carl Werner that additional fossils show Rodhocetus had four legs
- Gingerich admits that there is no evidence that Rodhocetus, a good runner, had a fluked tail
- Major museums begin to pull the famed Rodhocetus from their whale evolution displays
- Werner-aware articles like at Wikipedia either omitRodhocetus or downgrade it to just one of the Protocetids
- Smaller-staffed sites like Francis Collins's BioLogoscontinue to showcase the completely misconstruedRodhocetus
- Gingerich reconstructed a Pakicetus skull from fragments but now admits there was no indication of a blowhole  
- Listing nine whale features, Thewissen, et alconclude inNature, "Pakicetids display none of these [whale] features"
- Since Gingerich and Thewissen, whales are now widely claimed to be the best fossil evidence for Darwinian evolution
- Real Science Radio often hears evolutionists useRodhocetus and Pakicetus as evidence for evolution, as did AronRa
- Leading evolutionists focusing on teeth, or earbones, or mouth, or genes each thus argue for a different land ancestor
- Since 1998, leading institutions argue whether whales evolved from animals like hyenas, cats, deer, wolves, or hippos
- Darwin focused on the wide-open mouth and predator behavior to claim that whales evolved from bears
- Dr. Gingerich expalins that what "is similar between hoofed hyenas and the archaic whales are the teeth."
- Tokyo Institute of Sciences focused on genome similarity and concludes that whales evolved from a hippo-like species
- The whale evolution saga pits geneticists against anatomists against paleontologists
Neo-Darwinism claims that evolution happens in the genes, yet unlike whales, hippos have plant-eating teeth
- Geneticist claims whales evolved from hippos but paleontologists say hippos evolved tens of millions of years too late
- The water-deposited geologic column's flood sorted fossils contain no hippo bones lower than whale bones
- If today's neo-Darwinian paradigm were true, then hippo gene similarity leaves zero fossil evidence for whale evolution
- Gingerich's "problem" with hippos is that "they are all plant eaters; [but] whales today are all carvinovres."
- Though whales are among the "best" fossil evidence for evolution, experts disagree even on their land ancestor
- Thewissen reconstructed Ambulocetus' skull with a blowhole where no skull fragments existed to justify it
- The world's leading museums display a full Ambulocetusskull as though it had been found, including with a blowhole
- Smithsonian and other Darwinist artists added tiny ears reminiscent of whales without fossil evidence to support them
- Whale eyes typically line up with the upper teeth so Gingerich doubts Ambulocetus because its eyes are atop its head
- Thewissen admits in Werner's film that a major claim forAmbulocetus, a "sigmoid process" ear bone, is questionable 
- Whale evolution believer and expert Dr. Berta nonetheless refers to Thewissen's "purported whale characters"
- The "sigmoid process" is "questionable" and only "purported" because it doesn't look like that diagnostic whale trait
- The other "purported" Ambulocetus "whale" features are consistent with land animals but not with whale features

- See more at Part 1 of RSR's 2015 Whale Month (and feel free to send suggestions to

Credit: "Just as we credit RSR's List of Fresh Fossils and our to Brian Thomas over at the Institute for Creation Research, so too we credit Dr. Carl Werner for his startling exposé of the fraudulent whale tranistional fossils that enabled us to produce this latest RSR List. Thank you Brian and thank you Carl!" - Bob Enyart & Fred Williams

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* Calling on a Young Evolutionist at DU to Retract Whale Claim
: At the University of Denver recent biology gradulate Travis Barlock debated Worldview Academy founder Bill Jack. After the debate Bob asked Travis about his favorite transitional fossils example: whale evolution, whether he was aware that the discoverer of Rodhocetus has now recanted that the creature had flippers and a fluked tail? Barlock said he was unaware of that development and that if and when he confirmed this, he would of course stop using Rodhocetus as a favorite example of evidence for evolution. We are now calling on Barlock to retract his Rodhoectus claim.