King James Only Debate: Translators never-before-seen hand-written testimony

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* Never-Before-Published Notes: In September 2015, Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart and associate Will Duffy traveled to Oxford University to study the 1602 Bishops’ Bible used for about seven years through multiple stages of the King James translation project. The translators themselves modified the Bishops' Bible with thousands of margin notes, most of which became the text of the 1611. Many of the errors in the 1611 (which King James Only leaders acknowledge because at places the text differs substantively from that of their newer versions, but which errors the KJO camp attributes to the printers) we found to be errors of the translators and not of the oft-maligned printers. The marginalia of the translators, never-before-seen by the public, make this case! To see for yourself, just click this KJO Debate link and then scroll down looking for the photos of the translators' hand-written notes that ended up, 400 years later, ironically, testifying on behalf of those refuting the King James Only position! 

* Announcing Upcoming King James Only Debate: Bob Enyart and Will Duffy, of Denver Bible Church, will be debating a leader in the King James Only movement, Colorado's Will Kinney. The five-round written debate will take place on TheologyOnline beginning Monday Nov. 2 and is titled: "Is the King James Bible the Only Inspired Scripture on Earth Today? Battle Royale XIV". We'll use this link to keep you updated, and you can click here for KJO Debate Countdown Clock and here for the BR XIV Rules and discussion thread! 

* Bob & Will Duffy Reporting in from England: As explained below, in preparing (or should we say repairing :) for this debate, our research has led us to Oxford University in the United Kingdom. The photo shows Will Duffy in the rare reading room of Oxford's Bodleian Library studying the 1602 Bishop's Bible which is filled with thousands of hand-written interlinear and margin notes. The King James translators used this particular copy, cataloged as Bod. 1602, for seven years as they changed the readings of the Bishop's Bible into what became known as the King James Bible. Our time here in Oxford has borne so much fruit already that we've put off heading out to Cambridge to continue our work here. We are grateful to Doug McBurney and the KGOV staff for keeping shop for us while we're out of the country and look forward to returning. And in the meantime, we hope you enjoy two special BEL programs and two special Real Science Radio programs that we've selected to share while we're away. May God bless you! - Bob and Will

* 1602, 1611, and the Granville Sharp Rule: In all of the literature of Koine Greek (the form of the language used by the New Testament authors) the gramatical rule of Granville Sharp has no exceptions. From numerous consistent examples, this rule demonstrates that the words of Titus 2:13 and 2 Peter 1:1 both indicate that the phrase "our great God and Savior Jesus Christ" refers to a single person and that it would be a mistranslation to claim the text is referring to two persons, incorrectly translating it something like, "our great God, and our Savior." The Granvile Sharp rule further affirms the already overwhelming biblical support for Christ's deity. At the same time, however, it exposes a poor translation decision made two centuries earlier by the King James translators for these verses, in Titus and Peter. They incorrectly render this phrase as referring to two persons, "the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ." (This error is seized upon by those who deny that the Scriptures teach the deity of Jesus Christ.) The 1611 error repeated that made by the 1602 Bishops' Bible translators in the Titus passage. But then, where the 1602 correctly translates the same phrase in Second Peter, the 1611 translators departed from their own First Rule of Translation. See Bob Enyart and Will Duffy discuss this rule in Round 1 of their debate opposing the King James Only position. The 1611 First Rule states, "The ordinary Bible read in the church commonly called the Bishops Bible to be followed, and as little altered as the truth of the original will permit."

The 1611 King James' First Rule of translation: Follow the Bishops' Bible text

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  - Our ongoing debate research is leading Will Duffy and Bob Enyart to travel to England beginning on September 13th to access documents otherwise unavailable to the public. Will has urged Bob to take this trip for the possibility that this research could add real value to the collective knowledge of the Body of Christ about church history regarding Bible translation. (Update: Will was exactly correct, as shown in our debate graphics!)
* Please pray that the correct side in this debate will prevail and that this will become a leading resource for those involved with this controversy.
* P.S. To make full use of our time in England, our Real Science Radio producer has also arranged for Bob to interview in person professors from the Universities of Liverpool, Leeds, and Portsmouth, and perhaps one from Oxford. So please pray too for the effectiveness for these toward the saving of souls and the further equipping of believers to share the Gospel!

* Bob & Cheryl's Sons' Hockey Numbers: Cheryl just happened to snap the garage photo of Michael and Dominic's Ralston Valley High School jerseys hanging out to dry. And a local sports reporter snapped the action shot of the 1611 duo....

1611 KJV Debate photo of Enyart sons hockey jerseys, #16 & #11, handing in the garage

Action photo in a hockey game of brothers Mike & Dom Enyart with their jersey numbers 16 & 11








And for Dom, here are two more of his photos, one from early in his hockey years and the other from 2019 when, even though playing hockey as a homeschooled kid, Ralston Valley High School awarded him the nationally-recognized Hobey Baker award.

* So KJO is No Go; What Else Should I Know? Well, how about this...


* RSR's Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge:

DAWKIN'S 3-to-1 EVOLUTION CHALLENGE from RSRResearch in preparation for an upcoming debate led Bob Enyart and his associate Will Duffy to Oxford University in the United Kingdom. With the success of RSR's PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge (see the popular evolutionist's reply here), the guys decided to hand deliver a copy of this Dawkins 3-to-1 Challenge to the office of professor emeritus Richard Dawkins, who lectures there for a course titled, Science Literacy: Evolution for Non-Scientists

See more at

* On Today's Radio Program: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney discuss Bob’s recent trip to England and Oxford's Bodleian Library to research Bible translations and interview scientists. Tune in to get all the details regarding the actual translation process carried out over 400 years ago! And find out which three, (or four) BIG time scientists are young earth creationists! And hear tomorrow's conclusion of Bob's UK trip report.

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