Psychoses of the Left & the RE-publicans

* Jeb Bush’s Risk Management Problem: Hear Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the day Terri Schiavo was killed, and the fact that Jeb Bush wasn’t willing to even risk his political ambitions to save her.

* Pro-Life Industry Legacy: Trigger Laws: Members of the “pro-life industry” (like National Right to Life Committee, Concerned Women for America, Steve Ertelt, Troy Newman, AUL, ACLJ, Focus on the Family, the Heritage Foundation, & SBA List) are now promoting “trigger laws” (with exceptions of course) that will outlaw abortion should Roe be overturned. Bob and Doug point out that it is the very regulations promoted by the industry that produced the need for so called trigger laws.

* PA Governor Profanes God: Newly elected democrat governor Tom Wolf has ordered a moratorium on the Death Penalty in Pennsylvania, (where there has not been an execution since 1999).

* Utah Legislature Honor’s God: The Utah House has voted to bring back the firing squad in order to bypass the never ending leftist campaign to undermine God, justice and capital punishment.

* Marijuana & Psychosis: Get a preview of Bob and Doug’s coming update of the official KGOV pot page with a new report linking modern marijuana and diagnoses of psychosis.