The Martyrs of Syria & Roseburg

* In Remembrance of the Martyrs: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney analyze the martyrdom of Christians from Raqqa Syria to Roseburg Oregon. And Bob talks about the causes and solution to school shootings.

* What’s in a Headline? Bob insists that the truth should be in the headline! So that if one reads a headline, one should be able to understand the facts of the story, (and not be purposely mislead by it). So they take a look at a few examples…

* Misleading “Miraculous” Headline: We are thankful to God for the doctor’s ability to reattach the vertebrae of the young child who was nearly killed in a car crash in England, but we’re less so for the misleading headline writers at The Mirror!

* Rage Against the Moon Landing: The headline regarding some obscure bass player’s conspiracy theories regarding ISIS and the Moon Landing, are voted understandable, clear and no doubt true!

* Agree to Disagree: The headline declaring that America and Russia do not agree on the definition of “terrorist”, (which we offer here), is again rated as obviously true.