McBurney's Apology to Young Lili

* Hands Up! Don’t Shoot! …said the former president of Mizzou, and just about every white moron at Yale as they became the latest victims of the children of Barack Obama, who’ve been brainwashed and prepared for deployment in missions like these to destroy of what’s left of America’s institutions.

* The End of the World as we Know it: Your host reports on the astonishing level of Christian persecution taking place in the middle east and Africa since George W. Bush allowed his worship of Democracy to override his already questionable intellect, and began the destruction of the governing institutions of the Middle East with the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

* Sold Down the River: Noting the discovery of a terrorist on a migrant boat in Sicily, (as he predicted), your host laments the hopeless situation the innocent migrants are in, and the sad fact that people who want to help them simply cannot... because of the terrorists.

* Sexting at School: Now that the tip of the iceberg sexting in the government schools has been revealed at a high school in Cañon City Colorado, parents everywhere should heed reason 1006 to get your kids out! And your host excoriates the Proctocracy (meaning the ruling class of lawyers) for efforts at softening pornography laws to keep kids, (maybe their kids? Maybe their donor’s kids?) from getting into too much trouble over their dissemination of child pornography.

* All Apologies: Guest host Doug McBurney reveals that the real national debt approaches $65M, and invites Bob’s grand-niece, 7 year old Lili Enyart into the studio to accept on behalf of all minor children his personal apology for his involvement in spending all her money (about $200,00.00 and counting) and leaving her and all the other children in the hole!