RSR: Bob and Fred Report on Flood Model Progress

* Real Science Radio in England: Bob Enyart is headed to England on a research project, from Sept. 13th to the 23rd. In the latter part of the trip, he will meet with creation-minded scientists, tentatively in Liverpool, Portsmouth, and at Cambridge or Oxford, but potentially, anywhere the trains go! So if you are such a scientist, or creation activist, please let us know at if you would be available for a meeting.

* Update: Hear those RSR interviews recorded on location with science and engineering professors from Liverpool, Leeds, and Portsmouth. Also, there's a Skype interview tentatively in the works with a professor from Oxford. And see the Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge that we put in Richard Dawkin's faculty mailbox at New College in Oxford.

* Where Did the Water Come From? Then the guys get to the controversial stuff on flood models. In RSR's Global Flood video we claimed that only the Hydroplate Theory can answer the question: Where did the water come from? Now we have what we are interpreting as an admission from the non-hydroplate theory camps that their flood models have no way of adding to the Earth's surface during the flood significant quantities of additional water.

* CPT Lead Author Claims Floodwaters were Simply Ocean Water: Dr. John Baumgardener replying to questions that arose during the Flood Science Review answered the question, "Is it possible that the water which emerged from the 'fountains of the great deep' was from a subterranean source?" as follows:

In this CPT framework the steam in these spectacular fountain-like jets as well as the water that becomes entrained in the fringes of the jets and lofted high into the atmosphere is ocean water.

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* Atheists and Pond Scum in the Latest Creation Mag: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams begin with fun science news in the latest edition of For example, as illustrated on the right (by John Bracht, American University, and Robert Hammersmith, Ball State University), CMI reports on the discovery of a non-primitive, not-simple single-celled pond organism Oxytricha trifallax that breaks down its own DNA into 225,000 segments and then reassembles it before reproducing! In this issue of their great magazine, Creation Ministries International also reports on a survey about belief in aliens conducted by astronomer David Weintraub from Tennessee's Vanderbilt University, of various demographic groups, atheists, muslims, Roman Catholics, mainline denominations, etc. It turns out that the most superstitious of these groups were atheists, with a majority of atheists believing in aliens, whereas the least superstitious were fundamentalist evangelicals such as Southern Baptists (and Fred, and Pastor Bob, and Denver Bible Church).

* BTW: This evening, Bob Enyart, his brother Brian and sister-in-law Jen, and her mom Dee, appeared briefly on The Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, from weeks ago when they enjoyed a meal at Denver's excellent Greek restaurant Axios.