The End is… Near

* Hoping the Pope Bought Gold: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney look at the Pope’s recent comments on retiring in a few years in light of the end times prophecy industry’s recent capitalization on the prediction that Francis will be the last Pope, and after that; gold goes through the roof, except that it hasn't.

* Boehner Announces “The End”: …of the Hillary email scandal that is!

* Homos “Piling On” Dolce & Gabbana: Old-fashioned homos Dolce & Gabbana are experiencing the wrath of the homosexualist mafia (led by Elton John’s call for a boycott) after the two fashion designers “came out” and said homos shouldn’t be raising children!

* Which of These Things Doesn’t Belong? Pornography, a child molester, and YOUR CHILD are all together in a classroom at the local government school…