Bob Schools Newsweek's Nina Burleigh

With a "Christian Cowbow" on Newsweek the cover story quotes Bob Enyart...* Christian Cowboy: As reported over at, in the early 1990s in an attempt at insult, the Denver Post called Enyart "Denver's own Rush Limbaugh" and in 2015 the cover of Newsweek (see below) portrayed Bob as a "Christian Cowboy", while the London Times described him as an "evangelical Dirty Harry". "We were deplorable before deplorable was cool," says the BEL host. The long-time editorial page editor of The Rocky Mountain News, and later of the Post too, Vincent Carroll, corroborated this in 2012 writing that Enyart is a "symbol of what many in America’s educated elite find repulsive." You can learn a lot from the enemies a man keeps. And speaking of enemies...

* Newsweek's Burleigh Warns of Anti-Bible Bias: For a cover story, Nina Burleigh interviewed Bob about the battle to end abortion in which Enyart stated, "Any politician willing to kill a single person is disqualified." On today's program Bob describes his discussion with Burleigh about her previous writing attempting to discredit Christian archaeologists. (See the irony with that in National Geographic's absurdly biased article on camels at and see the Bible-affirming excavations at and the overwhelming archaeological evidence at and Here's the cover for Nina's story with Bob represented by the cowboy hat with a cross...

* Newsweek's Nina Burleigh also Openly Disgustingly Perverse: A listener asked why Bob choose to avoid confronting Burleigh about her infamous, public, sexually-depraved description of herself. Bob skipped that topic because of our policy at

* See Bob Expose Newsweek's 99.86%, Lisa Miller, and their Mockery
- RSR Asks (and debunks) Newsweek Reporters' 1987 Statistic: As often claimed by evolutionists, Aron Ra told Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart that 99.86% of scientists affirm Darwinism, a statistic that is unintentionally fabricated by a confused misuse of a 1987 Newsweek article that reports no poll or survey but a "count" of 700 creationist scientists. (At the time the Creation Research Society had that same number, 700, as the size of its voting membership which was made up of scientists with advanced degrees.)
Miller Caught Intentionally Misrepresenting Scripture on Lesbianism: In this interview Bob Enyart caught Newsweek's Lisa Miller red-handed, showing that she intentionally misreported what the Bible says by quoting a secondary source that she knew to be incorrect instead of quoting the Scriptures actually say in Romans 1. As expected, Miller tried to defend the indefensible, the practice of homosexual marriage. But why did she also resist answering Bob's question about homosexuality itself? Further, Lisa Miller's obvious careful research for her article and the routine fact-checking of the Newsweek editors did not prevent them from publishing this falsehood in Miller's Dec. 15, 2008 article, Our Mutual Joy: "nowhere in the Bible do its authors refer to sex between women." The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 1:26-27 of the vile passion of women with women, likewise of men with men who leave the natural use of the woman and burn in their lust for one another. Lisa knew from her careful analysis of four sentences, Romans 1:26-32, that Scripture condemned not only male homosexuality but also lesbianism... (see more)
-  And, Can You Spot the Newsweek Mockery?

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