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Bob Enyart gets a live report from Coach Dave Daubenmire of Ohio's Pass the Salt ministries, one of the early leaders who began inviting Christian groups to head down to Grayson, Kentucky where Kim Davis was refusing to issue homosexual marriage licenses. The guys talked about the misguided effort of Kim Davis' attorney, Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver, who is unwittingly trying to facilitate the roll-out of homosexual marriage. Kim doesn't want to be an enabler issuing one such marriage license, but Staver's legal strategy would enable the issuance of a thousand.

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Today's Resource: Trading Genesis (for Secular Theories)

Pepperdine University in California has long enjoyed a reputation as a leading conservative Christian institution. Today, however, Pepperdine’s faculty teaches theistic evolution. Though affiliated with the Church of Christ, the theistic evolution of the school’s science and theology professors is indistinguishable from the methodological naturalism of the atheist. 

In 2015, the administration denied a request by some Pepperdine alumni to present a lecture on biblical creation. Not deterred, both longtime and recent graduates organized their own creation-evolution conference on the school’s campus and advertised it in the Malibu Times newspaper. 

The organizers invited Bob Enyart, the host of Denver-based Real Science Radio, to speak at the event held concurrently with the school's heavily-attended Bible Lectureship series. Enyart demonstrated with seven examples that the atheistic materialist worldview does not even have a theory of origins for anyone to side with. And thus, Pepperdine University has traded away special creation (and many other biblical teachings, also listed in this presentation) for absolutely nothing. 

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